Top 12 Places to Find Mold

Top 12 Places to Find Mold

Theses are the top 12 places to find mold in Metro Vancouver.

1. Attic Mold

Attic mold is commonly found on the underside of the attic roof sheathing in houses and townhouses. The most common cause of attic mold is poor ventilation in the attic. Learn More

2. Bathroom Mold

Bathroom mold is common in bathrooms with plumbing leaks or leaking shower tiles. Humidity in bathrooms can also cause mold growth on the surfaces of walls and ceilings. Learn More

3. Window Mold

Window mold normally starts around the frames and can be caused from condensation due to elevated humidity or even leaks. Learn More

4. Crawl Space Mold

Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture and humidity. Often poor ventilation in crawl spaces can contribute to humidity and mold issues in crawl spaces. Learn More

5. Leaky Condo Mold

Leaky condos allow moisture to get trapped between the building envelope and the interior walls which results in mold growth. Often leaky condos do not show visible signs of mold growth inside the condo but spores can enter the condo living areas. Learn More

6. Carpet Mold

Carpet grows mold easily if it becomes wet for more than 48 hours. Often carpet mold can be difficult to see because it will grow below the surface. Learn More

7. House Mold

Houses must be both water resistant and have adequate ventilation to prevent mold growth. Because we live in a damp environment in Metro Vancouver house mold is common and can grow anywhere moisture or humidity builds up. Learn More

8. Basement Mold

Basements are below grade and susceptible to leaks from poor drainage or floods. Often people do not dry out basements properly after a flood and mold grows in the walls or below the carpet. Learn More

9. Drywall Mold

Drywall is a material that grows mold very easily. Drywall only needs to be wet for 48 to 72 hours to grow mold. Learn More

10. Insulation Mold

Some types of insulation are mold resistant and can resist mold growth even when wet. Insulation does absorb and hold moisture easily so when it becomes wet it can result in mold growth on the materials around it such as drywall and wood structures. Learn More

11. Grow-Op Mold

Marijuana grow operations create a lot of humidity and almost always result in mold problems. Even areas of a grow op house that were not directly used as the grow operation can become contaminated with toxic molds. Learn More

12. Workplace Mold

Mold in the work place is often over looked especially in industrial and commercial environments. Learn More

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