Leaky Condo Mold

Leaky Condo Mold

Since the 90’s, leaky condos have been common in Metro Vancouver. Mold and fungus often grow in leaky Metro Vancouver buildings.

Signs of a Leaky Condo in Metro  Vancouver

A common sign of a leaky condo in Metro Vancouver is staining on the exterior stucco or wall system. Staining indicates water has penetrated the surface and may have found its way into the building envelope. If water has entered the building envelope often condensation will form on the interior side of the windows of some units. Musty odours or visible moisture staining within the unit is also indicators of leaks into the building. Leaky condos are the result of water ingress past the building envelope normally due to poor design or failed materials. This can be difficult to detect in the early stages. The water ingress often results in elevated levels of mold in the indoor air. This can cause health issues for occupants.

Assessing Leaky Condos

ABM Environmental can quickly determine if your condo has an active water ingress problem and or elevated levels of mold in the air. First, a thermal imaging camera scans the walls. This quickly and accurately locates all sources of moisture. Areas of concern are measured for moisture levels and relative humidity to determine if there is an active leak present within your unit. ABM Environmental uses state of the art testing equipment to sample the air. Even mold hidden behind walls or floors can be detected in the air sample. We identify the different types of mold and determine the quantity of mold in the air.

Mold Testing After Leaky Condo Repairs

When repairs are carried out for leaky condos, major structural changes and repairs are often required which usually involve mold remediation to some degree. If the remediation of the mold is not thorough, elevated levels of mold may remain within the building even after remediation. Often, after leaky condo restoration work is complete, proper mold clearance testing is not done to verify safe levels of mold within the individual condo unit living areas. ABM Environmental can perform the proper air tests to verify the unit does not contain elevated or potentially toxic levels of mold after the remediation process is complete.

Leaky Condo Mold Solutions Vancouver BC

ABM Environmental specializes in assessing mold and moisture problems within condo units. Call us for a free phone consultation at (604) 568-5177 or fill out the Online Assessment Form to receive more information. See Mold Inspections & Testing to learn more about the ABM Environmental mold inspection process.