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ABM Environmental is a Vancouver based certified indoor environmental company specializing in both residential and commercial indoor air quality testing, mold inspections, mold testing, thermal imaging surveys and mold removal.

We service all of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

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Why ABM Environmental?



Founded in Vancouver in 2009, ABM Environmental has conducted over 5000 assessments for residential home owners, strata’s, commercial property owners and businesses.


Affordable Rates

We provide competitive fixed price quotes for our services before we start to avoid hidden costs or surprises. For your convenience we can accept payment by Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card.


Confidential Service

All our services are discreet and confidential. Your privacy is our priority. Our unmarked vehicles and discreet technicians will complete your assessment confidentially.


State of the Art Equipment

We have state of the art equipment and technology along with certified staff to provide the precise assessment you need.

We are:

Consumer Choice Award Winners

ABM Environmental first received the Consumer Choice Award in 2010. Our latest award is the 2019 Consumer Choice Award for Mould Inspection Remediators in Vancouver.

BBB Accredited A+

As an Accredited BBB Business Member since 2010, ABM Environmental has an A+ Rating with the BBB. We pride ourselves on providing customer satisfaction.


ABM Environmental has certified professionals that have the experience, training, qualifications and leading edge equipment to provide the accurate information you need.

Quick & On Time

Our quick service and report turn around time are second to none. Call us when you need it done right away and on time.

Our Services

Mold Inspections & Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Mold Remediation

Real Estate Building Investigations

Grow Op & Meth Lab Testing

Thermal Imaging Assessments

Mold Inspections & Testing

All that is needed for mold to grow indoors is moisture or high humidity. Mold spores can spread quickly though the air once mold grows in a building. We know some molds are more hazardous than others, and different people have different reactions to mold exposure. Mold exposure can cause minor allergic reactions to severe health issues. For over 10 years ABM Environmental has specialized in testing, inspecting and identifying mold problems in residential houses, condos and commercial buildings throughout Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley.

Mold inspecting and testing
  • Mold Air Sampling & Analysis
  • Mold Testing & Spore Identification
  • Thermal Imaging Mold Inspections
  • Moisture & Humidity Assessments
  • Mold Remediation Clearance Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The safety of the air we breathe indoors is essential. Poor indoor air quality can negatively people’s health and productivity. In most cases contaminants in the air are invisible to the naked eye. The first step towards having a healthy home or workplace is to have the indoor air quality professionally assessed. For over 10 years ABM Environmental has specialized in air quality testing in residential houses, condos and commercial buildings throughout Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley.

  • Residential & Commercial Air Testing
  • Office Ventilation Assessments
  • New Home Air Quality Testing
  • Formaldehyde & VOC Assessments
  • Dust & Particulates Air Testing

Mold Remediation

The first step in mold remediation is determining the level and cause of the mold growth. This can be difficult without the proper equipment and analysis since you cannot always see the full extent of a mold problem. In buildings, mold is often hidden and spores in the air cannot be seen. A professional mold assessment should be completed as a first step in any mold remediation process. Understanding the cause, the full scope and necessary safety precautions are critical before starting the mold removal process. For over 10 years ABM Environmental has specialized in mold remediation in residential houses, condos and commercial buildings throughout Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley.

Mold Inspecting & Testing
  • Mold Remediation Assessments
  • Attic Mold Remediation
  • Certified Mold Remediation Protocols
  • Mold Remediation Clearance Testing
  • Mold Removal

Real Estate Building Investigations

Buying a home is a big investment. ABM Environmental uses sophisticated equipment and laboratory analysis to detect and locate potential air quality or mold issues in a building. We can help identify hidden problems a standard real estate home inspection may not find. For over 10 years ABM Environmental has specialized in building investigations which detect air quality, mold, moisture and former marijuana grow operations throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We can provide the necessary information for both buyers and sellers.

Real Estate
  • Building Inspections for Buyers
  • Mold Detection & Inspections
  • Former Grow Op Air Quality Testing
  • Remediation Services
  • Second Opinions for Sellers

Grow Op & Meth Lab Testing

With cannabis and marijuana growing indoors now legal in Canada, marijuana grow operations are more common than ever in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Whether marijuana is grown legally, illegally or for medical purposes the risks and damage to buildings are the same. Home buyers may unknowingly purchase homes that are contaminated by indoor growing or used as drug houses. Banks and lenders often require an indoor environmental assessment when a house is declared a former grow operation. For over 10 years ABM Environmental has specialized in former grow-op and meth lab investigations, testing and assessment reports for buildings throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Grow Op
  • Grow Operation Detection
  • Former Grow Op Air Testing
  • Legal Cannabis & Medical Grow Ops
  • Meth Lab Testing & Inspections
  • Phase I Grow Op Assessments

Thermal Imaging Assessments

Thermal imaging allows us to see hidden conditions the naked eye cannot see. Thermal imaging using a high resolution infrared camera and a certified thermographer is a critical part of building moisture detection. It can also be used to analyse mechanical and plumbing issues without destruction such as detecting the path of hot water piping. For over 10 years ABM Environmental has provided thermal imaging assessments throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley using state of the art equipment and a certified thermographer.

  • Thermal Imaging Moisture Detection
  • Building Infrared Camera Surveys
  • Radiant Hot Water Pipe Detection
  • Mechanical & Process Thermal Imaging
  • Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Who We Work With


Residents & Property Owners

Whether you own, rent or manage a single family home, townhouse, apartment or condo ABM Environmental has the expertise to assess, document and help solve your indoor environmental concerns.

  • Home Owners & Tenants
  • Landlords & Rental Agents
  • Strata Councils & Property Managers
  • Home Buyers & Sellers


Workplace health and safety is paramount in most organizations today. ABM Environmental can provide the information you need to keep your workplace and the workers safe and healthy.

  • Business Owners & Office Managers
  • Health & Safety Managers
  • Warehouse & Facility Managers
  • Commercial Building Property Managers


Professionals need to expert advice and consulting to assist with evaluating complex indoor environmental problems. We can provide assessments and documentation to confirm if a problem exists or does not exist.

  • Realtors & Property Managers
  • Lawyers - Expert Witness Reports & Testimony
  • Restoration Companies, Developers & Contractors
  • Insurance Agents


"Thanks to everyone at ABM Environmental for your hard work in getting to this completed! I appreciate all your input and hard work during this process getting to this important milestone."

- Contractor Project Manager P. Eng -

I really appreciate your hard work and making our attic like new. You did an excellent job! Thanks for everything!

- Winnie L. -

"Thank you for your excellent work completing the air quality testing in our office last week. I really appreciated that you took the time to speak with our employees once you had completed your initial assessment. We are going take your advice to continue to do our work to improve the air quality in the area but I think everybody is reassured to know that there is nothing harmful in the air."

- Director, Human Resources -

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Brian Mackenzie of ABM Environmental to talk about mold and indoor air quality. I was working with a client who was buying an older house in the Grandview area of Vancouver and had concerns about mold. We brought ABM Environmental in to test indoor air quality in the basement. Their analysis let us know there was a mild mold problem. Brian was able to give us some great advice to fix the problem inexpensively.”

- Mike Stewart -

“I had an urgent situation and needed mould testing and they were able to help right away. Five stars. I liked the fast, professional and friendly service.”

- Sarah L. -

“Honestly if it hadn’t been for your prompt service I really believe we would have lost this buyer. Once again thank you so much. If we know of anybody needing a remediation expert we will be sure to refer your services.”

- Karen D. -

“I had been through many contractors until I called ABM Environmental and they were able to detect the odour problem that had been bothering me for years.”

- Sadi L -

“Super professional. These guys did air quality testing for me after my strata had a flood. I wanted to make sure there were no problems after restoration work. A friend used them and was very happy so she passed the name on to me. All I can say is after dealing with so many companies these guys were the best of them all by far.”

- Jamie W. -

“I am so pleased that I called ABM. I needed a professional analysis of the air quality in out home. Brian Mackenzie provided us with a professional thorough and detailed report on everything we needed to know. I give ABM an A+ for the quality of work and courteous treatment of their clients.”

- Tiffany C. -