Real Estate Building Investigations

Real Estate Building Investigations

Real Estate Building Investigations

Many home buyers purchase homes with problems they were not aware of in Metro Vancouver. Mold, moisture and former grow operations are all common issues. Unfortunately innocent families often get sick due to elevated levels of mold or other contaminants. A typical home inspection may not detect the full extent of the problem. ABM Environmental specializes in building investigations which detect mold, moisture and former marijuana grow operations in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We can provide the necessary information for buyers and sellers.

Building Inspections – Buyers

Buying a new home and want to know it is safe. Did your home inspector find a potential mold or moisture problem?

Building Inspections – Sellers

You are selling your home and want to be sure the home inspection process will not find hidden problems? A home inspector’s report suspects mold and you need more information.

Six Hidden Problems

A real estate home inspector may not find all problems present during a standard home inspection.