FAQs Buyers

FAQs Buyers

Q: The Home Inspector found mold, should I back out of the deal?

A: We are happy to assess the mold problem for you. Some mold problems are very minor and can be fixed with little or no cost. Keep in mind Home Inspectors are obligated to report any mold they observe no matter how minor.


Q: Should I have mold testing before I purchase a new house?

A: If there is any reason to suspect there may be a mold or moisture problem in the house you want to purchase we recommend mold air testing is done. Mold air testing will help determine if there is hidden mold or any potential health risks to occupants. For more information see Mold Testing.


Q: How long before I can get ABM Environmental to inspect or test a home I want to purchase?

A: In most cases, we can come out the next business day after you call for an appointment. If it is urgent, we can even come out the same day. Call us and we can confirm our current schedule for you.


Q: How long does a mold inspection or test take?

A: If it is a localised mold problem we can do the inspection in as little as 30 minutes. To do a complete building survey it can take 2 hours or more.


Q: What do I receive at the end of my mold inspection or testing?

A: You will receive an ABM Environmental Inspection or Testing Report. This document outlines the results of the visual observations, diagnostic data, testing results and recommendations.


Q: Will my mold inspection or testing be given to the home owner/seller?

A: The results of your mold inspection or testing are 100% confidential. We do not release your report or any information about it to anyone without your permission first.


Q: How do I get ABM Environmental to investigate a building?

A: Call us at (604) 568-5177 or fill out the Online Assessment Form.