FAQs Sellers

FAQs Sellers

Q: The buyers Home Inspector found mold, what should I do?

A: Call ABM Environmental to verify the extent of the problem. There may not be a serious problem. If there is a mold problem, we will provide a solution to remediate the mold prior to the buyer taking possession to ensure the deal does not fall through. If the buyer does back out, the mold problem should still be addressed prior to the next home inspection.


Q: How long before I can get ABM Environmental to inspect my home?

A: In most cases, we can come out the next business day after you call for an appointment. If it is urgent, we can even come out the same day. Call us and we can confirm our current schedule for you.


Q: How long does it take to remediate the problem?

A: In most cases, we can take care of the remediation within 1 week or less of the job being awarded. Call us and we can confirm our current schedule for you.


Q: What do I receive at the end of my mold inspection or testing?

A: You will receive an ABM Environmental Inspection or Testing Report. This document outlines the results of the visual observations, diagnostic data, testing results and recommendations.


Q: Will my mold inspection or testing report be given to the buyer?

A: The results of your mold inspection or testing are 100% confidential. We do not release your report or any information about it to anyone without your permission first.


Q: How do I get ABM Environmental to investigate a building?

Call us at (604) 568-5177 or fill out the Online Assessment Form.