Grow-Op Mold

Grow-Op Mold

Former Marijuana Grow Operations are common in Metro Vancouver and other areas of British Columbia. Grow operations often have toxic levels of mold and fungus present.

Finding Grow Operation Mold in Metro Vancouver

Former Marijuana Grow Operations in Metro Vancouver may show signs of mold growth on floors, on ceilings, on the base boards, in closets, below stairs, in crawl spaces, in attics and in the garages. Surfaces may show a greyish black discolouration. Due to excessive humidity that is typical in most grow operations, mold often grows behind the walls that may not be visible at all. This is most common on the outside walls of the building in the area where the plants were grown.

Detecting a Grow Op

Even if the home has not been declared a former grow-op, that does not mean it was not at some point in the past. In some areas of BC it is estimated up to 1 in 4 houses have been used as a grow op. Some clues to detecting a former grow operation include suspicious electrical work, drywall repairs to ceilings, left over duct work in the attic and tampering with furnace or hot water heater ducts. Peeling and bubbling paint that has grey or black staining behind the paint is often a sign mold was just painted over in order to cover it up. Former grow operations will often have black mold on the windows and frames throughout the house. Often Stachybotrys which is known as Toxic Black Mold is found in former grow operations.

Testing Former Grow Operations

Since marijuana grow operations vary is size and duration the damage caused can differ significantly from house to house. It can be difficult for home owners to properly assess the remediation requirements. Often the contamination is not visible to the naked eye but can cause health problems to occupants. When problems are hidden air testing is the best method to detect potential mold and toxins. The air test allows us to see beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Mold often grows in hidden areas. Air testing will also detect if mold has been remediated improperly or covered up. Often former grow ops will have new carpet laid over moldy floors or paint applied directly over moldy walls. Air testing will detect this mold and allow us to further investigate to find the source. It also identifies all mold species and quantity in the air. Without air testing, these issues could go undetected and adversely affect your health.

Grow-Op Solutions Vancouver BC

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