Window Mold

Window Mold

The windows of buildings are common locations for finding mold and fungus in Metro Vancouver.

Finding Window Mold in Metro Vancouver

Black staining or residue around the window frames indicate a mold problem. High indoor humidity and moisture leaks are common causes of mold growth around windows.

Assessing Mold on Windows

ABM Environmental can quickly determine if window mold is a minor condensation problem or the sign of a more serious problem that could be causing extensive damage and health problems in your home. Sophisticated equipment is used to locate areas of moisture, mold growth and the cause. First, a thermal imaging camera scans the area of concern. This quickly and accurately locates sources of moisture. During our inspection process windows and seals are evaluated. Relative humidity in various areas of the house are mapped and the ventilation systems are assessed to determine if they are functioning properly. The walls are surveyed for moisture to determine the moisture content of the surrounding drywall to understand the full extent of the problem.

Testing Window Mold Problems

Surface mold tests will find the species of mold present. Air samples can be taken to determine the levels of mold in the air. ABM Environmental uses state of the art testing equipment to sample the air. Even mold hidden behind walls or floors can be detected in the air sample. We identify the different types of mold and determine the exact quantity of mold in the air.

Window Mold Solutions Vancouver BC

ABM Environmental specializes in assessing window mold to come up with permanent solutions to resolve the mold and moisture problems. Call us for a free phone consultation at (604) 568-5177 or fill out the Online Assessment Form to receive more information. See Mold Inspections & Testing to learn more about the ABM Environmental mold inspection process.