Basement Mold

Basement Mold

Basements are often associated with musty odours and mold and fungus problems in Metro Vancouver.

Finding Basement Mold in Metro Vancouver

A common sign of mold problems in a basement is a musty odour or visible staining along the baseboards. In finished basements, it is common to find mold growing behind walls that are against the foundation, under carpets, behind cabinets, and under wall coverings. In most cases, the cause of the mold is due to water intrusion. There are many possible causes for water intrusion in a basement. These include poor drainage, cracked foundations, floods, high humidity and condensation.

Assessing Mold in Basements

ABM Environmental can examine your basement to quickly determine if there is mold present. First, a thermal imaging camera scans the areas of concern. This quickly and accurately locates all sources of moisture. All elevated moisture levels detected are investigated to determine if there are water ingress issues. Moisture levels in the walls and floor are tested and relative humidity is measured to determine if there is an active leak present within the basement.

Testing for Mold in Basements

Air samples can be taken to determine the levels of mold in the air in basements. ABM Environmental uses state of the art testing equipment to sample the air. Even mold hidden behind walls or floors can be detected in the air sample. We identify the different types of mold and determine the exact quantity of mold in the air.

Mold Basement Solutions Vancouver BC

ABM Environmental specializes in assessing mold and moisture problems in basements. Call us for a free phone consultation at (604) 568-5177 or fill out the Online Assessment Form to receive more information. See Mold Inspections & Testing to learn more about the ABM Environmental mold inspection process.