Certified Mold Remediation

Certified Mold Remediation

Step 1: Assessment of the Cause

The assessment is typically done during the Mold Inspection process. This is where we have identified the source that caused the mold. As part of the assessment we identify the full extent of the mold growth throughout the area or building so all areas with potential contamination are addressed.

Step 2: Remediation Plan

After the assessment and the evaluation are complete, a remediation plan or scope of work can be developed. A full remediation plan includes addressing what caused the mold and all safety protocols. This ensures all mold contamination issues will be remediated properly and safely.

Step 3: Containment

Depending on the extent of the contamination, the area is contained to prevent cross contamination of mold spores and mycotoxins to other areas of the building. During the mold removal and remediation process the mold spores will become disturbed and aerosolized. This can lead to cross contamination and create a situation much worse than the original problem if proper procedures and containment are not used.

Step 4: Safe Mold Cleaning or Removal

After containment is in place, the mold is cleaned or removed. ABM Environmental uses the most advanced mold remediation products and technics which in most cases are more cost effective, completed quicker and are safer for building occupants.

Step 5: Specialized Coatings & Mold Prevention

The best form of mold prevention is eliminating the moisture source that caused the mold growth and then properly removing the mold growth. Specialized coatings and penetrants can be applied to building materials to prevent mold regrowth in areas that are susceptible to mold growth. Our coatings are the highest quality using antimicrobial products such as silver-ions which is a safe and natural antimicrobial that permanently helps prevent mold growth.

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