Mold Removal & Cleaning

Mold Removal & Cleaning

Mold contamination in Metro Vancouver buildings is common due to our wet conditions. If mold is not removed properly it can cause serious mold health issues for building occupants. Proper mold removal and mold cleaning is extremely important to prevent indoor air quality problems.

Mold Remediation & Abatement

Effective and safe mold remediation and mold abatement involves specialized equipment and many protective measures. Mold remediation is much more than just cleaning up or killing the mold. If mold abatement is done improperly, it can easily do more harm than good and spread mold spores and mycotoxins throughout the building putting occupants health at risk. Improperly completing the first few steps of mold remediation will make the clean up significantly more costly as more areas will become contaminated. Mold must be contained and not allowed to cross contaminate other parts of the home or building before cleaning begins. Even dead mold spores must be properly removed from infected areas as they can cause the same adverse health effects as live spores.

Toxic Black Mold Removal

ABM Environmental follows the strictest industry protocols and guidelines to ensure occupants safety both during and after the mold remediation process. This is especially important when dealing with toxic mold. Often Stachybotrys, which is known as Toxic Black Mold, is found in Metro Vancouver buildings. This species of mold must be dealt with using containment and special safety protocols to ensure occupants do not get sick from cross contamination once the removal begins or after it is completed. ABM Environmental uses Certified Mold Remediation to safely remove and clean up all types of mold.

Mold Problems Solved Safely

ABM Environmental specializes in proper mold removal, cleaning and remediation. We remove mold and solve the problem that caused the mold in the first place so it will not return. All our mold remediation work is guaranteed.

Mold Removal Metro Vancouver BC

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