FAQs Mold Remediation

FAQs Mold Remediation

Q: I only have a small amount of mold. How do I know if professional mold remediation is necessary?

A: We recommend a Mold Inspection be done before completing mold remediation work. When dealing with mold you should always use caution as often the problem extends to areas not visible and the contaminated area is much larger than first thought.


Q: I had another company do a mold inspection and they found mold. Can you provide a quote for the remediation work?

A: Yes, we can quote on any mold problem you have had inspected or tested by other companies. If you have a quotation from another company please fill out our Online Assessment Form or call us.


Q: Is it safe for me to be in my home during the mold removal and remediation process?

A: In most cases mold remediation does not require occupants to leave the building. All remediation work is contained to ensure the areas in the home or building outside the remediation area can still be occupied during the process. By containing the area of contamination and filtering the air, any cross contamination is eliminated. We make sure any chemicals or treatments used during our remediation process are safe for occupants.


Q: Do I need to have mold testing prior to remediation?

A: Mold testing identifies the species of mold. This can be important in some cases. Mold testing can also quantify the mold levels in the air and determine if the air you are breathing is safe. If you are experiencing health problems mold air testing may be necessary prior to remediation in addition to visiting a health professional. For more information see Mold Testing.


Q: I am unsure a past mold clean up job was done properly. Can this be tested?

A: Yes, we can take mold air samples to analyse to see if elevated levels of mold remain in the air. This will normally flag improperly completed mold clean up work.


Q: How long before I can get ABM Environmental to remediate mold in my home or business?

A: In most cases, we can start the remediation within 1 week or sooner of the job being awarded. If it is urgent, we can even come out right away to stabilize it. Call us and we can confirm our current schedule for you.


Q: How long does a typical mold remediation project take?

A: If it is a localised mold problem, we can do the remediation in 1 to 2 days. If it is a larger problem throughout a building it will take longer. On all projects, we start them and continue working until they are complete to ensure the project is done as quickly as possible.


Q: Will my mold remediation work information be given to a third party?

A: No, any work ABM Environmental completes is 100% confidential. We do not release any information to anyone without your permission first. Even our vehicles are unmarked so neighbours will likely not know mold remediation is taking place.


Q: How do I contact ABM Environmental to get an assessment?

A: Call us at (604) 568-5177 or fill out our Online Assessment Form and we can book an appointment for you.