Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections

Mold inspections are preformed to identify the levels of mold and fungus contamination. In the Metro Vancouver area mold and mildew problems are common and a mold inspection is a good first step in solving the mold problem. An ABM Environmental mold inspection not only identifies the level of contamination and risks to occupants, but we will detect what is causing the mold problem and can make recommendations to prevent it from returning in the future.

Residential & Commercial Mold Inspections

As Certified Residential and Commercial Mold Inspectors, ABM Environmental performs mold inspections on both homes and work places. A certified mold inspection will evaluate key indoor environmental conditions to fully understand the mold or fungus problem. Sophisticated equipment is used during the mold inspection to locate moisture, mold growth and the cause. Areas of concern such as roof leaks, plumbing leaks, evidence of flooding, staining or musty odours with be thoroughly investigated during the mold inspection process. Thermal imaging equipment is used during the mold inspection to scan all areas of concern for conditions of elevated moisture and mold. Moisture measurements are taken from building materials, walls, ceilings, and floors where the thermal images detect abnormal conditions during the mold inspection. A fiber optic scope can be used to inspect areas not normally visible such as behind walls.  Air flows and ventilation systems are evaluated during the mold inspection. The relative humidity and temperatures are measured in various locations. Building materials are assessed for proper installation and sealing. Mold testing or other indoor air quality tests may also be performed during a mold inspection to better understand health risks and levels of mold contamination. All of these measurements, tests and observations will help determine why mold is growing and the steps to take to prevent it in the future.

Assessing Mold Problems

Once we have completed the mold inspection, the full extent of the mold problem can be determined. Mold contamination can range from a minor clean up job with no health risks to severe contamination where occupants should leave the building until remediation has taken place. Each mold inspection includes a confidential written report with all our findings and recommendations to solve the mold problem.

Mold Inspection Services

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