FAQs Inspections & Testing

FAQs Inspections & Testing

Q: I only have a small amount of mold, is a mold inspection necessary?

A: Since mold is often hidden, it is important to determine the cause of all mold sources even when they appear to be small amounts. If the exact cause of the mold is unknown or if the full extent of the mold problem is not visible a mold inspection should be done.


Q: What is thermal imaging and why is it part of the ABM Environmental mold inspection?

A: Thermal imaging is the use of an infrared camera that is a fast, non-invasive method to discover moisture intrusion and condensation problems within a building. We can identify materials with moisture problems even when hidden. It allows us to see what the naked eye cannot. Since most indoor moisture problems will result in mold, it is important to detect all moisture sources in a building.


Q: Do I need mold testing?

A: Mold testing identifies the species of mold. Mold testing can also quantify the mold levels in the air and determine if the air you are breathing has elevated levels of mold. Normally we perform mold testing during the mold inspection process. For more information see Mold Testing.


Q: I am unsure a past mold clean up job was done properly. Can this be tested?

A: Yes, we can take mold air samples to analyse to see if elevated levels of mold remain in the air. This will normally flag improperly completed mold clean up work. If the area remediated is accessible, we can also inspect it.


Q: What do I receive at the end of my mold inspection or testing service?

A: You will receive an ABM Environmental Inspection Report. This is an easy to understand document that outlines the results of the visual observations, testing information, diagnostic data, and recommendations.


Q: Can my mold inspection report be sent to a third party?

A: The results of your mold inspection or testing are 100% confidential. We do not release your report or any information about your building to anyone without your permission first.


Q: How do I book a mold inspection or testing service with ABM Environmental?

A: Call us at (604) 568-5177 or fill out ourĀ Online Assessment Form and we can book an appointment for you.