Building Inspections – Sellers

Building Inspections – Sellers

The presence of mold is one of the top concerns for new home buyers. If a potential home is suspected to have mold the buyers may back out of the deal.

Home Inspection Finds a Mold Problem

Often sellers are shocked to find they have mold problems after the buyer’s Home Inspector reports one. If a buyer’s Home Inspector reports a mold problem we can verify there is actually a problem and provide a solution to remediate the mold. In most cases, the costs are minor in the scope of a home sale. If you do not address the problem, the buyer may back out of the deal and the next potential buyer’s Home Inspector will find the same problem. Not addressing a mold problem will significantly reduce the potential selling price of your home.

Proactive House Mold Inspections

If you suspect there may be a mold problem in the home you are selling, we recommend you have your own mold inspection prior to the Buyers Home Inspection. The inspection will outline any mold problems that should be addressed. Having this information available allows you to address the problem and avoid unnecessary surprises during the buyer’s inspection. Eventually the home buyer is going to conduct an inspection. You might as well know what they are going to find by getting there first and fixing it on your own terms.

House Mold Inspections Vancouver BC

ABM Environmental specializes in resolving mold problems. Call us at (604) 568-5177 for a free phone consultation or fill out the Online Assessment Form to receive more information. See Mold Inspections & Testing to learn more about the ABM Environmental mold inspection process.