Building Inspections – Buyers

Building Inspections – Buyers

The presence of mold is becoming an increasing concern for new home buyers. Often the seller may not even be aware the home they are selling has a mold problem. The home may have been used as a marijuana grow operation or had serious water ingress problems at some point in the past. This can create many hidden problems. The best way to detect hidden mold problems is with a mold inspection and mold air testing.

Vancouver Home Inspections – Hidden Problems

Many homes in the Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley have been exposed to situations that have created elevated levels of mold which are hidden. Often new occupants move into a home and become sick not knowing why. Mold can be a serious concern for people with weak immune systems, infants and the elderly. This can lead to serious health conditions in certain individuals so it is important to know if there is a problem. As a home buyer, you need to know the indoor environment of your potential home is safe before you buy it. Often home inspections do not find all the problems a buyer should know about. See Six Hidden Problems for more information.

Mold House Inspections & Testing

The mold inspection process evaluates key indoor environmental conditions. ABM Environmental uses sophisticated equipment to locate moisture, mold growth and the cause. Thermal imaging equipment is used to scan areas of concern. This quickly and accurately locates sources of moisture and areas with poor or missing insulation. Mold testing can be performed to determine mold contamination  levels. See Mold Inspections & Testing for more information.

Home Inspector Suspects a Mold Problem

Buying a home is a big investment. Having ABM Environmental inspect and test the home prior to removing subjects on the sale is important. If your home inspector suspects there may be mold problems, we can evaluate the problem and provide a plan to remediate the mold. In most cases, the costs are minor in the scope of a home purchase.

Home Environmental Inspection Services Vancouver BC

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