Mold Testing

Mold Testing

Metro Vancouver homes and workplaces often have mold problems which require mold testing to better understand risks to occupants. Mold testing allows us to classify the mold as Allergenic, Pathogenic or a more serious Toxigenic species such as Stachybotrys commonly referred to as Toxic Black Mold. A mold test not only determines the species present but through more advanced mold testing methods a mold test can also quantify the concentrations of mold present in the air. Often mold testing is used to determine if there is a mold problem present in a building.

Mold Air Testing

Testing the air for mold is the best mold testing method to understand the level of mold contamination within a building. The mold air testing process will reveal all key mold species groups present in the air and the exact quantity. We compare this to what is found in the outside air to understand what mold sources are indoors. Even mold hidden behind walls, floors or in ventilation systems can be detected through mold air testing. The mold test results also give information on the health risks to occupants. Since people who have adverse health effects from mold receive the exposure through spores traveling in the air, mold air testing is the only way to accurately determine the amount and type of mold they are breathing. Whether it be Stachybotrys (Toxic Black Mold) or other less harmful species we know the exact level of mold occupants are being exposed to and what contamination level is in the building through mold air testing.

Direct Surface Mold Testing

Surface mold testing identifies the species of molds on substrates to confirm the presence of mold. If visible mold or fungus is present, the surface mold test will identify the species and determine if the mold is Allergenic, Pathogenic or Toxigenic. Through surface mold testing we can identify the source of abnormal or elevated levels of mold found in air sample mold tests.

Mold Symptoms

Mold and fungus exposure can cause many adverse symptoms and health effects. There are certain people at the greatest risk from mold exposure. If you are experiencing symptoms of mold exposure you should have mold testing done. To learn more about symptoms of mold exposure see Mold Symptoms.

Mold Testing Services

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