How Did The Mold Get Into My House?

During Metro Vancouver Mold Inspections we often get asked; How did the mold get into my house?

One thing a lot of people do not realize is mold is everywhere. It is not uncommon to find it in a house. Actually every house containes some mold at some level. It enters the house through open doors and open windows. The spores can also be brought in on anything else that comes into a house, such as people, animals,  clothing, and even the materials the house was built with. The mold spores are invisible to the naked eye so you can’t see them.

The problem starts when the mold spores, which may be in small amounts and in a dormant stage, find a food source and moisture. A food source can be almost anything. It may be drywall, wood, carpet or most materials a house is built out of. The problem really starts when these food sources receive enough moisture or there is enough humidity in the air for the mold spores to grow. Other factors such as temperature, the amount of light and air flow will also influence the molds ability to grow.

All of the above environmental conditions are investigated during  a mold inspection. As part of the mold inspection we not only evaluate the contamination level of the mold  problem and the best course of action to remove it, but we also identify the environmental conditions that allowed the mold to grow in the first place. At least some of these conditions must be changed in order to prevent it from coming back. Understanding what caused the mold is the key part of making sure it will not return.

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