Six Questions

Six Questions

Not all mold inspections or testing services are equal in Metro Vancouver. Learn more by asking these six important questions before booking a mold inspection or testing service.

1. Who will perform the mold inspection or testing service?

As an BBB Accredited Business and members of leading environmental organizations such as the IAQA, ACGIA and ESA, ABM Environmental maintains the highest standards and practices. ABM Environmental will send an experienced Environmental Professional who is a Certified Specialist in Mold Assessments, Indoor Air Quality and Building Investigations. The professional certifications include Certified Mold Inspector (CMI), Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician (CIAQT), Certified Building Thermographer and Certified Master Indoor Environmental Specialist (MIES) among others. See a list of all ABM Environmental Certifications your inspector will hold with full documentation available at time of inspection. Always ask to see proof of third party certification and confirm BBB Accreditation through the BBB Mainland BC website.

2. Can you provide a full range of testing such as mold testing and indoor air quality testing?

ABM Environmental can provide a full range of indoor environmental testing including onsite mold testing, air testing that measures the level and species of mold in the air and a full range of other indoor air quality tests. We are not just mold specialists but air quality and indoor environmental experts which gives you a much broader and in depth inspection and testing service. ABM Environmental provides a third party laboratory certificate with all air testing services. We will provide analyses of 25 mold species groups with exact concentrations in the air. You will know if toxic molds are present and at what levels. We use the same testing protocols as is required by government organizations such as Worksafe BC, CMHC and city health inspection departments.

3. Do you use a thermal imaging camera during the inspection?

ABM Environmental uses a state of the art thermal imaging camera to detect moisture and leakage in buildings during mold inspections. Thermal imaging is necessary to understand the full extent of moisture within a building and source what is causing the mold. Do not book a mold inspector without one. See Thermal Imaging for more information.

4. Are your services discrete and confidential?

Mold and other indoor environmental issues can be a sensitive issue. You want to know if there is a problem and have the problem dealt with, but you may not want to advertise this to your neighbors, customers or others. ABM Environmental provides discrete services by using only unmarked vehicles and all our services are kept confidential. After an assessment the findings and report are only disclosed to the client who has retained our services. When we show up on site we are discrete and will not disclose any information about the assessment without the clients permission.

5. How much will the services cost?

ABM Environmental prides itself on being honest, fair and cost competitive with our pricing. We make sure you only pay for the services you need at a fair price without hidden costs. The price you are quoted for the services is the price you pay.

6. Can your company complete the mold inspection, testing and remediation services?

ABM Environmental can manage every aspect of a project from the initial mold inspection and testing to solving the mold or air quality problem with remediation. We ensure the highest standards at each step of the process by having an in depth and broad understanding of all mold and indoor environmental related services. Costs are often reduced by eliminating duplication of services when hiring multiple consultants and contractors to complete a job. Always confirm the company you hire can solve the problem.

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