Services British Columbia

Services British Columbia

ABM Environmental services from Hope to Whistler in British Columbia including the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We provide mold inspections, mold testing, mold removal, air quality testing, former grow-op environmental testing and thermal imaging services throughout this area of British Columbia (BC). As a certified indoor environmental company we service both residential and commercial clientele in BC.

Mold Inspections BC

Do you have a mold problem in BC? We identify if there is mold and fungus present, the causes and provide solutions to resolve it through our mold inspection services in British Columbia.

Mold Testing BC

Do you require mold testing in BC? We identify the mold types and concentrations of mold present through our mold air testing and mold surface testing services in British Columbia.

Mold Removal BC

You have a mold problem in BC and know you need to resolve it. You want the mold removal and clean-up of the mold contaminated areas done properly. We provide certified mold removal in British Columbia in the Lowe Mainland.

Indoor Air Quality Testing BC

Mold and other pollutants are commonly elevated in our indoor environments. Do you want to know what is in the air you breathe? Total volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are common indoor air quality contaminants. We provide complete indoor air quality testing services for residential and commercial clientele in British Columbia.

Grow-Op Testing BC

You want to buy or move into a BC house you suspect may have been a marijuana grow operation? If you have a former grow house we can help with environmental testing in British Columbia.

Thermal Imaging BC

Do you need a residential or commercial building analysed for moisture or roof leaks in BC? Call us if you need thermal imaging in British Columbia.

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If you require any of the above services in the British Columbia from Hope to Whistler including the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley please call us at (604) 568-5177 or submit your information through our Online Assessment Form.