Restoring Indoor Air Quality

Restoring Indoor Air Quality

The first step in restoring indoor air quality is determining the cause of the pollutant. This may require an investigation and testing first to determine the specific indoor air quality problems.

Indoor Air Quality Problems

Indoor air quality can be affected by many different potential contaminants. The most common contaminant in homes and buildings in Metro Vancouver are elevated levels of mold in the air. Certain mold species contain mycotoxins and adversely affect the indoor air when aerosolized. ABM Environmental can detect the exact levels of mold, identified by species, through analyzing the indoor air. Other common indoor environment indicators are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, relative humidity and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Indoor Air Cleaning

Once the indoor air quality problem is determined, a remediation plan can be formulated. This may involve mold clean up, repairing water ingress problems, using specialized cleaning equipment, removing contaminants, air treatments or filtration and modifications to the ventilation systems.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions Vancouver BC

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