Meth-Lab Inspections

Meth-Lab Inspections

Methamphetamine, ecstasy and other clandestine drug labs are becoming more and more prevalent in Metro Vancouver. Meth and other manufactured chemical based drugs are made mostly from common household ingredients. When these ingredients are mixed and cooked together, they make a dangerous drug and leave harmful chemical residues that can remain on household surfaces for years after cooking has been completed.

Meth-Lab Health Effects

There may be serious health effects associated with these chemical exposures before, during and after the drug-making process. Often the contamination is not visible to the naked eye but will show up on testing.

Vancouver Meth-Labs

Even if the building has not been declared it was a former meth lab, that does not mean it was not at some point in the past. Often home inspectors find suspicious signs of a building being a former Meth lab. Things like chemical staining or venting work that has been removed are common in these situations. If you suspect the home you are about to purchase is a former meth lab or drug house, you should have it tested to warn you if there are any toxic chemical residues.

Protect Yourself

ABM Environmental provides meth lab investigations and testing throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Protect yourself from purchasing a building with hidden contamination by having a proper assessment completed.

Meth-Lab Inspections Vancouver BC

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