Grow-Op Inspections

Grow-Op Inspections

Even if a home has not been declared a former marijuana grow operation that does not mean it was not at some point in the past. In some areas of Metro Vancouver or the Fraser Valley it is estimated up to 1 in 4 houses have been used as a grow operation.

Detecting a Marijuana Grow-Op

Often home inspectors find mold, suspicious electrical work, or repairs to drywall that indicate a former grow op taking place even though there is no declaration of it by the sellers. If you suspect the home you are about to purchase is a former grow op, you should have it inspected and tested to warn you if there are any problems with elevated or even toxic levels of mold.

Vancouver Grow Operations

Grow operations vary in size and duration. The damage caused can differ significantly from house to house. It can be difficult for home inspectors, buyers, and owners to properly assess damages and the remediation requirements. Often the contamination is not visible to the naked eye but will show up on testing and cause health problems for occupants.

Grow House Contamination

ABM Environmental provides marijuana grow-op inspections and testing throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Protect yourself from purchasing a building with hidden contamination and mold and fungal issues by having a proper assessment completed prior to removing subjects.

Grow-Op Inspections Vancouver BC

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