Grow-Op Environmental Testing

Grow-Op Environmental Testing

If you are the landlord, property manager, owner or potential buyer of a suspected former marijuana grow operation, likely you are required to have environmental testing completed on the building. Most banks and mortgage companies will require some level of testing before giving a mortgage.

Grow-Op Air Testing

Air testing of former marijuana grow operations is the process of analyzing the air for mold. It involves taking mold air samples indoors and comparing them to outdoor mold samples to see if there is a mold source inside the building potentially causing a health risk.

Grow Operation Clearance Certificate

Each city or municipality has different requirements for this process in Metro Vancouver. ABM Environmental can help with performing all the necessary steps including clearance testing to obtain a mortgage for a former grow operations being purchased.

Metro Vancouver Grow-Op Environmental Testing

ABM Environmental specializes in former grow op testing throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Call us at (604) 568-5177 for a free phone consultation or fill out the Online Assessment Form to receive more information. All information and conversations are confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone including government organizations without permission first.