Customers We Serve

Customers We Serve

ABM Environmental provides indoor environmental and mold solutions to meet any need. We understand our customers require prompt service at a competitive price. We can customize Our Services to meet your specific needs.

Residential Home Owners & Tenants

Home owners & tenants require the correct information when it comes to their family’s health. ABM Environmental has the most qualified professionals when it comes to indoor environmental or mold problems. We take a scientific approach and provide easy to understand reports.


We can provide expert witness assessments, reports and testimony in litigation. If you have a legal case with a mold or an indoor environmental problem we may be able to help provide accurate information to help support your case.


Often pre purchase home inspections result in the inspector finding mold. In most cases, the mold is minor when considering the home sale price. We specialize in coming out quickly and expediting services for real estate transactions to assess and solve the problem.

General Contractors

As a general contractor, mold abatement is often part of the job. Whether it is in the scope of work prior to the project commencing or something is discovered after the project starts, ABM Environmental can provide cost effective testing, consulting or full mold remediation services.

Property Managers & Strata’s

Property Managers and Strata’s often have mold issues brought forward by tenants and owners. Most property managers and strata’s want to know the extent of the problem if any. Not responding to a mold problem can result in a lawsuit and may affect the health of other residents. Get a proper assessment by ABM Environmental to take the guess work out.

Home Buyers

Before removing subjects in a home purchase, you need all the information possible to make sure you are making the right decision. After all, purchasing a home is the single biggest investment most people make. To gain a full understanding of any indoor environmental issue, a suspected mold problem or to investigate a former grow op call ABM Environmental.

Government Agencies

Any indoor space is susceptible to indoor air quality problems. ABM Environmental can sample and test the air quality to provide the necessary information to ensure all occupants safety.

Business Owners & Managers

ABM Environmental can provide solutions for businesses of any size to allow you to concentrate on the business and not potential air quality problems risking employee and customer health.

Commercial, Industrial & Workplace

ABM Environmental can assess various types of indoor air quality and mold problems that commercial and industrial settings are susceptible to. We can provide thermal imaging surveys to prevent downtime or solve process problems.

Restoration Companies

Restoration companies often need additional expertise when dealing with air quality and mold problems. Often restoration company clients and insurance companies want a third party report for assessing mold problems or verification and clearance testing. ABM Environmental can provide the expertise necessary to complete the project quickly and efficiently.

Insurance Agents

ABM Environmental can assess various types of indoor environmental or mold problems. We can determine the cause and present the most cost effective solution.

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